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Share Your Story of Making Positive Change in the World. is a storytelling platform for people and organisations who help others, support their communities and protect the planet.

Are you Doing Something to Bring Positive Social Change & Make the World a Better Place?

Share Your Social Purpose Story for Maximum Impact.

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See how People, Organisations and Causes on Create Social Impact With Their Stories.

What is


Storytelling Platform

Tell your story - from who you are, your purpose, achievements, aspirations, and more.


Biography Platform

Power your team and people pages with bios featuring photos, videos, audio and other embeds.

Social Purpose Platform

Link your stories to causes you care about, to help maximise their reach, resources and impact.

Why Join

  • Demonstrate your social purpose and what you stand for, all in one place.
  • Add visibility and voice to social causes you champion or support.
  • Use your bios and stories to promote social and environmental causes.
  • Connect with changemakers and funders who support your social purpose journey.
  • Maximise your reach, resources and impact for positive change in the world.

What is Social Purpose?

Social purpose is what you DO to help others and to protect the planet. You cannot have social purpose without action. It is defined by Giving, Helping, Supporting and Investing in people and organisations to make a positive difference in the world.

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The 4 pillars of your social purpose on



By sharing activities of who you voluntarily give your money, time or resources to in support of their goals.


By sharing stories and experiences, and by directly reaching out to others to lift them up with your own actions.



By providing individuals and businesses with endorsements, recommendations or tributes for their good conduct and achievements.


By providing money, time and other resources to fund social purpose businesses, for a financial return (making money while driving positive social change).



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