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About is a free social purpose platform that lets people and organisations demonstrate, connect and share their social purpose activities, all in one place.

We are a UK-centred internationally remote company whose mission is to elevate social purpose in the world. Our vision is a world where social purpose guides the actions of people and organisations everywhere.

The aim of is to connect and share the social purpose journeys of people and organisations around the world. We bring them together to amplify the positive difference they make in their communities, and to help increase their reach, resources and impact.

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Our Journey So Far

"What if every online biography and story had a social purpose? Would it help to make the world a better place?"

Back in 2017, Keith Martin,'s founder asked himself this question as he finally decided to pivot his career from accountancy into 'tech for good'. He was fascinated by the power of social media to bring people together but was also frustrated by the negative and divisive content and activities that prevailed at the time on the more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Keith believed that perhaps it was not a matter of trying to change these platforms - which he feels still serve a purpose for hundreds of millions of people around the world - but instead to provide a separate dedicated space where people can showcase, connect and engage with positive social purpose activities by people and organisations around the world, without having to expose themselves increasingly to contentious activities on those same platforms.

Lady typing on LaptopAnd so, with a mission to elevate social purpose in the world, Keith began building, the social purpose platform. "" actually stands for "all the bios in the world" or extended to "all the bios for a better world".

Like most social networks, Keith believes that access and use of the platform should be free to everyone, if only to enable anyone to join in the platform's mission. In terms of revenue generation, it asks users to contribute if they can or to take up one of 3 membership options. It will also generate revenue through promoted content and profiles on the platform.

In addition to its other social purpose initiatives, is also committed to distributing up to 20% of annual profits to support social impact organisations using the platform.

If you would like to support our mission, we invite you to show this by doing the following:

  1. Join today.
  2. Choose or add a Cause you support and tell us why you support them.
  3. Add a biography (bio) about you and link it to your chosen Cause.
  4. Share this biography on your social media channels.
Lady typing on Laptop

There is far more that you can do with to create positive social impact. But this is an easy start. With your help and input, we endeavour to establish the ultimate social purpose platform for people and organisations who want to make a difference in their communities and the world.

Thanks for being part of our journey so far. Stay with us so that together we can maximise our collective reach, resources and impact for a better world.

Keith Martin

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