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Posted by is dedicated to letting you share purposeful stories that you cherish and that show how your social purpose actions help to make a difference to someone else’s life. You can link your stories to your Causes, charitable interests, the United Nations global goals (SDG’s), and more.

The following are the main ways in which you can share your stories on Click the blue +Add button in the bottom right of your screen to get to the content menu to choose from. user add button


Post Updates

Updates let you share information with your followers and connections about what you are doing, or even about actions you want them to take. These can include text, images, videos, embeds, polls, etc. You can link your updates to a cause, collection or event, and to related charitable interests and SDG’s. People viewing your updates can like, comment, share, repost and embed them, including to other social media networks, messaging services and via email.

To add an update, click the +Add button and select Update. add update


Add Chapters

Chapters are our core storytelling feature. They enable you to add to your social purpose story at any time. You can add an unlimited number of chapters, and they can be about you or about others who are not able to share their stories themselves

Chapters can be a short or extended Bio (about me), a Story (or article), an Opinion, or a Goal (aspiration). Add dates to your chapters as a reference in time and so you and others can follow your story’s timeline and intersections. Link your chapters to Organisations and Collections you are connected with to create virtually limitless books of stories with others.

To add a chapter, click the +Add button and select Chapter. add chapter

Once you have added a chapter, you can link it to any number of organisations or collections. Click here to learn more about linking your chapters.


Add Snippets

Snippets are single pieces of information relating to your achievements, experience, accreditations, awards, job roles, etc. You can link them to the organisations they relate to, as well as tagging them with relevant SDG’s, industries or charitable interests. Add dates to your snippets as a reference in time and so you can include in your instant story timeline.

To add a snippet, click the +Add button and select Snippet. add snippet


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