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Before answering who should use Atb.world, the better question worth answering is what is Atb.world? So, let’s first know what is it before we go into further detail.

What is Atb.world?

Atb.world is the social purpose network for people and organisations where they can share stories that inspire. Established to make a difference and change the world for good, it enables people to connect and share their unique social purpose journeys in the form of stories. The platform enables these stories to positively impact people’s lives and maximise their reach, resources, and impact.

The platform’s focus is on those activities and content that help our users, their supporters and beneficiaries to demonstrate, share and collaborate. People then tell what they are doing to make the world a better place. Professional storytellers curate some of this content, but users generate most of it and tell it in its raw form.

We have set out to enable people and organisations with a social purpose to be the catalysts. They are at the heart of shifting the focus away from the polarising content that divides people and negativity on some social networks. We are not against these platforms. But we believe that time has come to have a dedicated, less divisive arena where people and organisations focused on increasing the impact of their social purpose can engage with each other.


So Who Should Use Atb.world?


Who should use Atb.world


1. Charities, Nonprofits and their Staff

You don’t have to be a charity or nonprofit to be a social purpose organisation, even far from it. But we recognise that charities, nonprofits, and NGOs worldwide have long been at the forefront of social purpose activities. They have been having a social impact in communities around the globe. It is these organisations and their staff that we first considered when we decided to build the Atb.world platform. They need the support and contributions of individuals, businesses and others to effectively pursue their respective causes of improving people’s lives and protecting the environment and our planet.

As with just about everyone in the world, there are some incredible stories owned by the founders, leaders and staff within these organisations. Each one of them has the potential to impact at least one other person somewhere. It was only for this fact that we wanted these stories to be shared as widely as possible. These stories that brought social change can inspire others to do more for their communities and the world.

2. Beneficiaries and Service Users

Charities, nonprofits and NGOs exist to improve the lives of their beneficiaries and service users. Their lived experiences are not just the essence of their stories but also what inspires others to act, support or defend themselves. Their stories, circumstances, and aspirations need to be shared as widely as possible. Ideally, they can tell their own stories in their own words. Alternatively, they can tell via compelling storytellers who can help shape the narrative on their behalf.

3. Supporters, Volunteers, Funders and Businesses

There is no doubt that supporters, volunteers and funders of social purpose organisations are important people. They play a vital role in making things happen for communities and people in need around the world. Their stories – why they care and why they give, help, support, and invest – provide powerful inspiration for others. Apart from their stories, sharing their philanthropic and acts of giving also create social impact.

Ours is the perfect platform for them to show what they stand for. They can even show the real value of what they do.

4. Inspired others Who Prefer to Act Directly

We believe that social purpose activities have a more significant impact when people and organisations work together. But we also appreciate that some might prefer to contribute more directly. They may do this for various reasons. Many may opt to give directly because of their impatience with actual or perceived inactivity. Other reason can be not wanting to have much fanfare around the actions they take.

Nonetheless, their contribution is valuable and will likely make a positive difference. However, it may result in less than maximum impact stories. But an impact is an impact however small that may be.

5. Internet Users Everywhere

Atb.world’s mission is to enable every bio and story to have a social purpose that can make a positive difference to someone’s life. We would love for Internet users everywhere to make optimum use of our platform. Anyone can inspire positive social impact by simply linking their bios and stories to a cause on our platform.  Sharing is caring, and showing that you care is most inspiring to people around the world.

So Let’s Get Started!

We created Atb.world with the hope that it presents a viable alternative to the major platforms. It is meant for people and organisations for whom social purpose sits at the heart of what they do. We believe there must be a place where we can safely connect, demonstrate and share our stories, ideas, aspirations, connections and actions for a better world. For this, we present everyone with a free platform on which to do this, so that we can maximise our collective impact.

Join in now.


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