Why We Need a Social Network Specifically for Social Purpose

Why We Need a Social Network Specifically for Social Purpose? 

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Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and many more; today, there are more social media platforms on the web than we can track. The question which then arises is why go for another one?  Why we need a social network specifically for social purpose?

Without wasting any more time, let us dive right in to find out.

1. To Demonstrate Your Social Purpose in One Single Place

Let us talk about the first and the most important reason behind having a social purpose platform. It is to demonstrate your social purpose in one single place. On other famous social platforms, you are restricted and can only connect with other people supporting the same cause as you. But on social purpose platforms, you can do this and much more in one single place. You can demonstrate your social purpose, let the world know what matters to you the most, and which social causes are close to your heart. Additionally, you can tell them what organisations and causes you give to, support, or invest in, etc.


2. To Make Connections with People and Organisations Having a Purpose  

With technology reaching remote parts of the world, more people have internet access. They are spending their free time on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But it is difficult for nonprofits and social enterprises to reach out to people having a social purpose on these sites as they are very vast. Billions of people use these platforms monthly.   

So, there is a need for a social networking platform dedicated to making connections with people that want to make a difference in the world. Atb.world is one such social purpose platform. It is helping people and organisations connect and share their impact stories, away from the noise and manipulations of the mainstream platforms. It gives people and organisations a great new way to dynamically link their bios and stories to causes, to help them maximise their reach, resources and impact.


3. To Build Transparent and Trusting Relationships

A social network focused on social purpose will allow people and businesses having corporate responsibility to build mutual trust and engagement with like-minded people. Through it, you or your organisation can show your authentic self and help people see for themselves the difference your charity or organisation is making in society. Through a social purpose platform, you will be able to convey to your followers that you are all in for giving back to society and not just about making a profit. It will strengthen your bond with them and help win their trust. Remember that it won’t convince people to donate to your cause instantly, but it will help build a strong relationship that may result in donations down the line.

It is worth mentioning that businesses and people using social purpose platforms should project their true self as they can spot those businesses who are putting a PR from miles away. If what you are showing people does not align with you or your business’s core values, people will stop trusting you and not contribute to your cause. 


4. To Have Two-way Conversations with People Who Share the Same Social Mission as You  

Businesses having a social responsibility will get a platform specifically made for social purpose where they can engage with consumers and get to know them better. Using social purpose platform, they can directly engage with people who support or believe in the same cause. They can get feedback directly on the forum on what they are doing right or what can be improved. It will create and build loyal relationships.  They will, over time, promote your charity, spread awareness and ultimately attract volunteers and donations.  


5. To keep Your Supporters, Customers, Employees & Suppliers Engaged and Updated on Your Social Purpose 

A social purpose network is an excellent platform to keep your supporters engaged and updated on your cause. You could work on causes to create public value while constantly improving your supporters’ knowledge and understanding of the various issues. You can also provide them with valuable information like facts, figures and blog posts to educate them. It will help your organisation attract new followers, and increase volunteers. Moreover, people will want to donate towards your cause. They will understand how your organisation works, which problems it solves, etc.   


6. To Donate and Raise Funds Easily for Causes that You Support 

Last but not least is the ability to donate and raise funds easily. People have to go to websites of different sites of NGOs or organisations that they support. But on social purpose network, people from around the world can donate to any organisation they support.  Not only this. They can also raise funds for the same.

For example, in Atb.world, on your individual profile, you can enable visitors to your profile. There they can see which charities and causes you support, letting them donate or volunteer right from your profile.  



A social purpose platform will help individuals and organisations connect with their supporters, build relationships with them, and interact with them one-on-one. It will also allow people to stay updated about causes that they believe in and donate to them directly.

Looking for a social purpose platform where you can connect with people, organisations, and causes that you support? Join Atb.world today and connect with the whole community.   





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