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General Information
Joined 17 September, 2020 Established 2012
Sana, Yemen
Non-Profit Organization Management
Org Type :
Social Enterprise

International Youth Council-Yemen (IYCY) is a nonprofit, non-governmental and youth-led organization that is targeting youth and community in general. IYCY has a legal and independent personality. The International Youth Council-Yemen was founded on 01/02/2012 headquartered in the capital city, Sana’a under the provisions of Associations and Institutions Law No. (1) For the year 2001 with licensing number (24-24).

Since 2012, IYCY has contributed to youth and community development through its programs and interventions either supported by INGOs or self-financed activities. The span of programs and activities focus not only on youth and women but also on the community as a whole. Its projects include WASH, Nutrition, Food Security, Health, Shelter, Protection, Governance, Education, Peace, Energy, Environment and Climate Change as well as Youth development. It reacts to the sudden and new circumstances at the national, regional and international levels to support the humanity values as well as promoting the cooperation among the lives of people in communities.

IYCY is very keen on embracing youth regardless of their political, religious, color, ethnic groups or backgrounds. IYCY adopts the values of integrity, transparency, and credibility which contribute to the success of its work with other CSOs and INGOs. IYCY has a very good relationship with local authorities and government branches which allow better coordination and implementation of the activities of IYCY's projects. 


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