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All the chapters for a better world!

Help improve the lives of people in your community and around the world by adding social purpose and connectedness to your bios and stories.

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There are 3 ways to join - as an INDIVIDUAL*, an ORGANISATION (incorporated or unincorporated business, institution, etc.), or a CAUSE (charity, nonprofit, movement, etc.).

*RECOMMENDED: For the most comprehensive access and experience, sign up as an INDIVIDUAL. Once registered, you can add separate Organisation and Cause profiles as required. (Please DO NOT create an Individual account for an organisation or cause.)

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People / Individuals

Everyone has a different story to tell, whether it’s about who they are, what they have done or are doing now, or what they aspire to do or be. And people want to read, see and hear other people’s stories, to inform and inspire them. makes it easier for you to connect the chapters of your life with others, through your bios and stories, across groups, organisations, causes and initiatives you choose to champion, support or belong to. It's your own stories, your way.

More importantly, lets you add community purpose to your bios and stories by giving you the option to link them to support social, environmental and other good causes run by local charities, nonprofits, social enterprises and other change-maker collectives.

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Showcase. Explore. Connect. Belong.

Organisations, Businesses & Institutions

Your people are your organisation's past, present and future. It will always be about your people, every one of them. It is their individual and collective stories and actions that endear others to serve and be served by your organisation.

People are inspired by who we are and the positive things we do. From the cleaner to the CEO, your people’s bios and stories can make a difference and should be shared as widely as possible. And not just those of your leadership team.

By adding your people or team page to our platform, you make it easier for others to learn about your people, their purpose, capabilities and aspirations for themselves and their communities. This in turn will generate value for your organisation and for the communities you serve and that you and your people are part of.

So, Join In! Create your profile and add your team on for free today!

Charities, Nonprofits & Causes’s goal is to use Internet technology to create a new way for people and organisations to support charities and nonprofits addressing good causes around the world. We want what we do to help you to raise more awareness, attract more supporters and raise more money to help improve people’s lives locally or around the world.

Everyone is an influencer, and everyone involved with your cause – your staff, supporters, beneficiaries, and more – should be showcased and celebrated and their stories shared with the world. Whenever your people’s bios and stories are viewed online, on or off our platform, the viewer can engage with your cause and your message to support, donate, or volunteer accordingly.

Only Charities, Nonprofits & Causes can receive donations on our platform. You can simply add a link to your existing donations page, use our donations processing partner, or use a third-party provider to process donations to you via our platform.

Take advantage of this opportunity by registering your free charity account today!

Collaborators partners with groups and organisations whose goals include showcasing people, celebrating people, connecting people, organising people, supporting people, thanking people, progressing people. We make it easy and dynamic for you and them to share their stories to let others learn more about the amazing people behind your initiatives. We can help you to create, manage and promote all sorts of people pages – you name it, we can do it with ease. Use our default templates or we can customise it for you. And it is all hosted on our platform for free, or you can also publish it on your own website.

Do you want to collaborate with us? Send us an email to [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)203 633 4850 today.

Your bios and stories can inspire others to care and give for a better world!

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