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Joined 16 September, 2020 Established 2019
United Kingdom
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Registered Charity/Nonprofit
Inspired by the Kakuma Refugee Co-chair at the World Economic Forum at Davos 2019, a bunch of us got together along with WEF GlobalShapers and created https://StepUp.One in order to re-skill the refugees on mature UNHCR camps in Social Media Marketing and connect them to global opportunities that pay. 

We have been able to make contact with UNHCR and start off a pilot programme with 5 Refugees. We took 3 months to train them on Social Media Marketing and now they are full time working with clients managing their social media presence. They make $100 per month from each of their client and for the last 6 months every one of the clients they work with has continued to renew the subscription and continue to avail their services.

This initial success gave us confidence that we can do much more, we are now in the process of scaling the idea by creating a simple step by step guide the refugees can follow to execute social media objectives at scale. We are creating this step by step guide as 2 min videos that everyone with a mobile phone in a refugee camp can follow and execute.

Hootsuite, ( ) world's largest social media platform, has joined forces with us to amplify this idea. They have given us their platform for free and they have also jumped in as a client to both educate the refugees and train them on scale. Today our StepUp refugees are posting live to nearly 10 million+ Hootsuite followers across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

We have also partnered with to scale the last mile connectivity at refugee camps.

We are keen to discuss this with your organisation and see if there are synergies in our goals.




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