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Joined 22 August, 2017 Established 2020
London, England, United Kingdom
Information Technology and Services, Internet
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Company stands for "all the bios for a better world". We are a London-based remote company whose purpose is to enable charities, nonprofits and other social impact organisations to use the bios and stories of their staff, supporters, beneficiaries and service users to increase their reach, resources and impact. We also help people and organisations to amplify the positive difference they are making in their communities and the world. is a storytelling platform that connects people, organisations and communities, enabling them to:

  • communicate their purpose and tell their own stories,
  • learn about and connect with others,
  • find opportunities to progress their careers, businesses and communities.

Our Mission and Vision's mission is to enable every online bio to have a social purpose that can make a positive difference to someone's life. Our vision is a world where social purpose guides the online presence and activities of people and organisations everywhere.


Our values are based on the pursuit of trust. These are:

  • Collaboration - we achieve more by working with others.
  • Diversity - everyone is relevant in our world.
  • Integrity - consistently doing the right thing.
  • Transparency - we will be open and accountable.
  • Innovation - because change is constant.
  • Fairness - in how we treat others.
  • Respect - for everyone.


  • We give!
  • We work together to a common goal.
  • We support each other.
  • We challenge ourselves and each other to learn and grow.
  • We celebrate success and learn from every result.

If you would like to work for us or collaborate with us, send us an email at

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Internet Platform
Remote Organisation
Social Purpose Network



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