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What is Atb.world- The Social Purpose Network?

We believe that social purpose is only real when we act. It can include demonstrating kindness throughout one’s life and helping to protect the planet and environment, working towards educating children, and so on.  We cannot say we have a social purpose if we do nothing, despite our beliefs.

With this in mind, we created Atb.world or All the Bios for a Better World – a social purpose platform. It was created to help charities, nonprofits, and other social impact organizations bring a positive change in the world.

You may ask that these organizations were already doing good, so what do we do differently?

The answer is simple. We just wanted to support them by providing them with a social media platform away from the noise and manipulations of those mainstream platforms. Here, they can make connections with a social purpose and link their bios and stories to social purpose causes that they support. It will help them maximize their reach, resources and impact.  At Atb.world, we enable people, organisations, and communities to:

  • Communicate their purpose and tell their own stories
  • Learn about and connect with others
  • Find opportunities to progress their careers, businesses, and communities

Further, we believe that social impact organizations worldwide have a pivotal role in making the world a better place, sooner and sustained. We pledge to support them through the free use of our platform and a share of profits we aim to generate.

Types of Profiles on Atb.world

There are 6 types of profiles that you can create on Atb.world. They are:

  • User
  • Organisation
  • Cause
  • Collection
  • Event
  • Help Wanted

How to Join Atb.world?

There are 3 ways to join us here on Atb.world – as an individual, as an organisation or a cause. Now that you know these ways, let us go through them in detail.

Different ways of joining Atb.world
Different ways of joining Atb.world


For the most comprehensive access and experience, sign up as an individual. You can sign up via email or with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin.

How you can sign up as individual
Signing up as an individual using email

The above is an example of how you can sign up as an individual with your email address. Once registered, you can add organization and cause profiles as required.

Please DO NOT create an Individual account for an organization or cause. Such accounts will be removed.


Create an organisation account if you are an institution, government, or other organisation that is NOT a charity, non-profit or cause.

If you signed up as an Individual user, you can create new organisation profiles on Atb.world. To add a new organisation profile:

  1. Click the +Add New button in the top menu and choose Add Org.
  2. Fill in the presented form:
    • Org type
    • Org name
    • Givebio URL/handle – your profile will have the address givebio.org/handle.
    • Introduction – brief intro to let users know the basics about your org.
    • Description – add more information about your org and what it does. You can add a video or up to 4 photos in this section.
    • Website address
    • Org address
    • Contact information – Phone, Email, Contact person
    • Social links – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram
  3. Click the Submit button and you should be taken to your new Org profile.


Create a cause account if you are a registered or affiliated charity, non-profit, movement, collective, or any other cause. Only causes can receive donations via our platform, whether directly or via external links provided by the cause.

People can use Atb.world to give to the cause that they support. They can:

  • Make a donation- If you entered your donations page link in your profile, the user will be sent to that page. If you have “Donate via atb.world” enabled in your Cause Settings, the user will be presented with a form to make their donation on our platform. A third option is to integrate your (or your processing provider’s) donation process into our platform.
  • Add a gift
  • Make a pledge
  • Add support
Different ways to support a social cause

For organization or charity accounts, you can only sign up via email. Whether you want to sign up as an individual, organization, or a cause, click here

What Makes Atb.world Different from Other Social Sites?

Many nonprofits and social enterprises reach out to their supporters using popular social networks  like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But the problem with these platforms is that they are very wide. Billions of people use these platforms monthly. It becomes difficult to connect with those who share the same social cause.

So, at Atb.world, we provide a platform where people and organizations that share the same cause can connect to build stronger communities and a better world. Here, you can have two-way conversations with your community and get to know them better. It won’t convince people to donate to your cause instantly. But it will help build a strong relationship that may result in donations down the line.

How Can You Use Atb.world to Your Advantage?

Charities, nonprofits, and organizations can use this social purpose platform to to increase their reach, resources, and impact. They can share bios and stories of their employees, volunteers, beneficiaries and supporters.

You can use the platform to help people see for themselves the difference your charity or organization is making in society. It will build trust among the people, attracting more people towards your cause. If you support a cause but don’t have your own success story, you can share their achievements. It will let them know that people value what they do and encourage others to do their bit for society. You can help your cause reach more people by using hashtags. It will increase awareness about your cause, the charities that you support or promote your campaign.

Atb.world is an excellent platform to keep your supporters engaged and update them regularly on your cause. You will be providing them with valuable information like facts, figures, and blog posts that will educate them. It will help your organization attract new followers, increase volunteers, and help people understand how your organization works, which problems they solve, etc.

Our Purpose at Atb.world

Our main purpose as a network and as a platform is to enable people, businesses, and charities to share their world of good to inspire others to care and give. Simple but, we believe, extremely powerful. You can do this through first- and third-person storytelling about the people engaged in giving and their beneficiaries. Through Atb.world, beneficiaries themselves can become givers by sharing their own stories that will help inspire others to care and give.

Social Purpose

We believe PURPOSE is defined by:

  • Giving: includes making donations or volunteering.
  • Helping: It is about giving help to someone directly.
  • Supporting: It involves promoting people and organizations with recommendations, endorsements, tributes, etc.
  • Investing: It is spending money with expected direct return or consumption, i.e., money to support a venture for a share of profits or money spent to buy goods and services for yourself or your family and friends.

To fulfill our purpose, we constantly strive to give, help, support, and invest in people and organizations who need it.

Features of Atb.world 



You can use our search feature to look for organisations or causes you support. If you have an organisation profile, through this feature, people who share the same cause as your organisation will be able to connect with you.   


Under the updates section, you can see updates from the people, organisations and collections you follow. You can even add updates to tell how you or your organisation is making a difference. It will help you strengthen your relationship with people who share the same causes as you and attract new supporters as well. Using updates, you can form an emotional connection with your supporters and give traction to your cause.  

Update Section to Atb.world


Atb.world lets you add an unlimited number of chapters to your account. There are four types of chapters:  

  • Bio  
  • Story  
  • Opinion  
  • Goal  

These enable you to present yourself formally or informally in various ways and in a variety of roles. You can tweak each bio to be relevant to the Page and Org profiles you connect them to.  

You can link each of your chapters to a cause you support. Only one cause can be linked to a chapter at any time, but you can change the linked cause at any time. Additionally, you can support many causes and create different chapters linked to them.  


 Suppose you manage the social media activities for your organisations. You can create their Atb.world profile straight away to secure your organisation’s vanity URL and start sharing your organisation’s world of good. Get all your staff to create their own accounts on Atb.world and add their bios to your team page.  


Causes are at the heart of what we do. In Atb.world, a cause is any group of people, incorporated or unincorporated, whose aim is to address or champion one or more social, environmental or charitable issue. These include nonprofits, charities, changemaker and other collectives.   

If you run or work for a charity, nonprofit or other social impact organisation, create your Atb.world Cause profile so your staff, supporters and beneficiaries can connect and share their stories with you.  

 Using Causes Section, you can:  

  • Connect with supporters and beneficiaries  
  • Find people, organisations and stories that resonate with your cause  
  • Attract Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Helpers, and even Investors  
  • Receive Donations  
  • Access our profit-share fund  

 Collection of Everything

Collections let you gather people, organisations and even other collections together for a common purpose. You can use collections to create groups, lists, family, or anything else you can think about and keep your collection public or private.   

Different collection types


A snippet is a brief bit of information or appendage about something more extensive. These can be achievements, awards, assignments, milestones, etc., in someone’s life or career.  


Under this section, you can see people following you and who you are following. You can follow people who support the same causes as you or follow those who inspire you to do good.  

Tributes and Support Stories

Here on Atb.world, we refer to recommendations, testimonials, endorsements, supporter stories, etc., as TRIBUTES. Many of us think of tributes only when someone or something ceases to exist. But at Atb.world, we believe tributes – in all its forms – should instead be given and shared throughout their existence.   

We encourage you to pay your tributes when they are alive and well. This way, your tribute may actually be communicated to them, bringing them joy, satisfaction, or even inspiration. You can add tributes for Individuals as well as for Organisations and Collections  


You can start discussions on any Organisation profile and any public Collection profile. Your discussion is public by default but can be made private by ticking the “private” option when you post your topic. Only you can view private discussions and the admin users of the Organisation or Collection profile your topic is posted to.  



 Whether you have an individual profile or organisation profile, you can add and promote events.  

Help Wanted

 Just like events, all profiles can create this profile where interested helpers can request for help and offer help. Click here to browse help wanted section. 


You can follow and use hashtags in your updates to explore causes that resonate with you and help people find your cause. The following image shows different hashtags that you can use for your updates. 

Hashtags option on atb.world


This is where you can check updates by individual profiles, organisations, or causes that you follow. Also, it will notify your followers whenever you post an update. 


You can see all your activities using this feature of Atb.world. 

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are two other features of Atb.world. You can add links to your profile to point viewers to things that matter to you. For each bio you add, you can link to one of these links to drive engagement with your personal interests. Also, people with individual profile can donate or volunteer to causes they support right from their profile. 

Final Words

Now that you know everything there is to know about us. What are you waiting for? Click here to create your profile today!!

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